Fitting Electric Towel Rails In The Bathroom

Posted on January 19th 2017 by Kieren Chambers

When it comes to bathroom radiators, towel rails are a highly popular alternative to the traditional approach.

They can be installed just as easily but are often more efficient and practical for use in the bathroom, since they provide a convenient storage solution for your towels. They’re also heated at the perfect time, so you can be comfortably warm when you get out of the bath or shower, even on a cold day. Electric towel warmers in particular can also be highly efficient. What could be better?

electric-towel-railsYou may opt for a free-standing heated towel rack, but in the majority of cases we tend to see people using wall-mounted electric heaters. These are ideal if you’re happy to keep your towels in one place, since they take up less space and look more cohesive with the rest of your bathroom fittings.

If you do take this option, you will need to follow these steps when installing your heated towel rails:

1) Choose the location in the bathroom for your new heater. The easiest place would be anywhere you currently have an electric radiator, but if you need to have new wiring installed, just make sure it’s possible in your chosen position.

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The Best Wall-Mounted Towel Warmers

Posted on December 15th 2016 by Kieren Chambers

towel warmerThe moment you step out of a hot bath or shower could end one of two ways. You might immediately start to feel the cold and snap out of your relaxed state, or alternatively you can pick up your fresh, warm towel from a heated towel rail and dry off in comfort.
If you’d much prefer the second option, a wall-mounted towel warmer is probably ideal for you. At TradePlumbing, we specialise in providing products of the highest quality at great prices, which is ideal if you’re a professional bathroom fitter looking to source the best towel warmers, radiators and other elements to complete your client’s dream bathroom.

Choosing the best towel warmer for any particular bathroom will be determined by a series of personal choices, rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. Wall-mounting your heated towel warmer is often the best starting point, though, as opposed to a free-standing alternative. This makes it much easier to incorporate into your bathroom’s design and provides a fixed power supply.

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Designer Radiator Buying Guide

Posted on November 23rd 2016 by Kieren Chambers

radiatorAt this time of year, many homeowners turn their attention to their heating system for the first time in a while. Perhaps you’ve decided that your bathroom radiators or heated towel rails are long overdue a replacement, and if that’s the case you’ll be wise to consider the following guide. It’s not always easy to know where to begin with designer radiators, so focus on these points.


How will your radiator work?

This needs to be your first consideration in most cases. Plumbed hot water radiators may or may not be installed in your home, and if that is the case then your best choice is probably to work with that rather than go for electric heating. …Read more…