Your dream bathroom my not be physically compatible with the amount of space you actually have available, but you don’t necessarily have to compromise on the theme you choose. A small space, with some clever tricks, can be maximised easily as long as you know what’s on the market to suit your needs.

Bathroom radiators and towel rails

Heating solutions are what we specialise in when it comes to bathrooms, of course. In our experience, most people with limited space opt for designer column radiators because they can be made to fit any space on your wall. The height of each column is flexible, while the number of columns dictates the width of the unit. As an alternative, you could have a heated towel rail fitted. Again there are many variations on these to suit various spaces, whether you need a short and wide heater or a tall and narrow one. These double up as permanent storage for your towels, which saves space elsewhere in the room.

Bath and shower

small-bathroom If you have a shower cubicle in your bathroom, try getting rid of the tall, raised kerb around the perimeter of the shower.

This doesn’t usually look that attractive and it can be a trip hazard, plus you’d be surprised how much of a difference it makes having glass all the way to the floor instead.
You don’t physically gain much space if any, but the illusion is that the shower has become invisible. You can use the exact same trick if you have a bathtub instead of a shower cubicle, simply by fitting a glass screen in place of a shower curtain.


Other bathroom fittings

When it comes to the sink, you don’t need to follow convention and have a particularly deep one. This still applies if you’re fitting a counter with cupboard and other storage space in your bathroom. A shallow unit will take up less space, and could even look more stylish and unique. Try a wide rectangular sink instead to see what a different this makes.

It’s harder to achieve the same effect with something like a toilet, because you can’t simply compress all its inner workings into a smaller space. However, you can hide the majority of the tank completely by embedding it into the wall, if you have space behind. This means the seat appears to attach directly to the wall and keeps everything neat and compact.

Wall hangings and storage

Mirrors are the oldest trick in the book for creating the illusion of space. It appears that your room is double its actual size when you cover an entire wall with a mirror, so you’ll definitely be free of that cramped feeling without actually changing anything physically. Mirrors also create a brighter space since they obviously reflect more light than plain walls.

Still got wall space after your heating and mirrors are in place? Even a narrow area can be used to fit small, shallow shelves. These can serve as the perfect place to store towels, toiletries and decorative ornaments while not getting in anyone’s way. As a finishing touch, small pieces of well-chosen artwork can bring your bathroom to life and add a little depth in place of a scenic window.