towel warmerThe moment you step out of a hot bath or shower could end one of two ways. You might immediately start to feel the cold and snap out of your relaxed state, or alternatively you can pick up your fresh, warm towel from a heated towel rail and dry off in comfort.
If you’d much prefer the second option, a wall-mounted towel warmer is probably ideal for you. At TradePlumbing, we specialise in providing products of the highest quality at great prices, which is ideal if you’re a professional bathroom fitter looking to source the best towel warmers, radiators and other elements to complete your client’s dream bathroom.

Choosing the best towel warmer for any particular bathroom will be determined by a series of personal choices, rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. Wall-mounting your heated towel warmer is often the best starting point, though, as opposed to a free-standing alternative. This makes it much easier to incorporate into your bathroom’s design and provides a fixed power supply.

You will need to establish how your heater is going to actually work. The majority are designed to make use of the existing plumbing system (in a bathroom we can usually assume there will be plumbed hot water). It will then work on conjunction with your home’s radiator system, so your towels should be warmed at the right time. An alternative is to use an electric heater, or a dual fuel model with an electric element, in case you want to use the towel heater without having your entire heating system on.

Consider the placement of your towel warmer carefully. Of course it needs to be near the bath or shower, and it also needs to be within reach of the plumbing or power supply. Paint or tile the surface of the wall behind the heater before it’s fitted, otherwise this might become a difficult or impossible task later.

Depending on the shape of the space you’ve chosen, you might select a tall and narrow heater, or a wide one that sits above or below your other bathroom fittings. Many different shapes and sizes are available, including the traditional ladder style as well as hoops, bars, flat panels and rails, most of which can be horizontal or vertical. The surface area will also affect the amount of heat that can be generated, so this is worth remembering. You will most likely want your towel warmer to have a matching finish in-keeping with the rest of your bathroom design.


At TradePlumbing we supply heaters with many different metal finishes and colours, along with matching valves which you will need when the heater is installed. The end result will be much better if you coordinate the style and finish of your heater with the rest of your bathroom – you may even be able to do this when adding a towel warmer to an existing complete bathroom.